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Welcome to Just Poochy Pet Grooming and Daycare!

   Located in Cookeville, TN we are a full-service  and affordable pet grooming studio and doggy daycare for all breeds of dogs. Having your pet groomed is an essential part of maintaining your dogs health. At just poochy we want our work to be the best you've ever seen and your pet to be happy when you arrive to pick them up. When your pet arrives, and while he/she is waiting to be picked up, will be able to run , play, and socialize with other pets which has been proven to be a healthy way to keep your pet happy! 

The true test of how well your pet is treated at a grooming shop or daycare is how excited they are to get into the shop on subsequent visits. We take extra time to develop a loving, caring, respectful relationship with your pet, turning what can be a stressful experience into a fun time!

At Just Poochy we go above and beyond to make sure they feel safe and loved in a clean and safe environment that will assure the best experience for your dog.  Additionally we use only the best products and equipment to make sure your pet's stay is a blast. All of our grooming supplies and tools are used on our own pets. We clean the shop daily and provide clean and fresh water for your pets.

 All pets must be up to date on all vaccinations for grooming or daycare services.

Dogs must also pass a temperament evaluation to stay for daycare.

                                         Stop by and check us out! 

Cage Free Grooming and Daycare

40 West Spring St. Cookeville TN


Cage Free Grooming Cookeville



7 - 6


9 - 3


10 - 4


Daycare Is now available at Just Poochy! Bring your pooch to come and play, and socialize with other pets.

Interaction with other dogs is a fun and healthy way to help rid your pet of bad behavior due to boredom.

Daycare Rates 

Half day (4 hours and under) - $8

Full Day ( Over 4 hours ) - $15

We also offer Daycare Discount Cards in 10 day passes

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